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Welcome to Pink Floyd Style Italian site also with an English menu.

This is a simple, short and accurate web site. This site tells about Pink
Floyd the group and their accomplishments.
The site looks into the history
and each member of the group and how Pink Floyd developed with their own
originality and uniqueness.

Menu on this site is very easy to navigate for our guests to access any
information about Pink Floyd.
This web site gives an emotional and spirited view of Pink Floyd.
My objective is to let the public understand more about the group, their
personality and the expression of their music.
I believe to make music you do not need to be a Rock Star and Pink Floyd has
demonstrated that. They have achieved everything through their music.

Thanks to all for your cooperation

Pink Floyd Style is an idea and a project by Veronica Waters

Staff pink Floyd Style
latest updates 17 December 2014

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Name e-mail Sections
Roberto F. Signallings, suggestions or demands.
Veronica Waters Web Master - Roger Waters - contacts
Gerald - Translater
Patrick Edera   - Syd Barrett 
Robert Cubinelly - Translater


1 .Our staff of Pink Floyd Style carries out just the job totaly free.

2. Updates of every section are realize to you from the collaborators with frequency employee with the professional engagements of the same collaborators.

3. Images has been features gives: Pink Floyd Live at Pompeii;The Dark side of the Moon 30° Anniversary; Roger Waters Live at Berlin;

4. Chronology of the witness and concerts has been features gives: Manuali del Rock 4" Pink Floyd "Arcana Editrice curated by Luca Ferrari;Pink Floyd-Un Sogno in Technicolor-30 anni di Storia e Concerti di Glenn Povey e Ian Russell;The Pink Floyd Encyclopedia di VernonFitch;Saucerful of Secrets-The Pink Floyd Odissey by Nicholas Schaffner;Inside out by Nick Mason;;Deezer is the first free music on demand website -

5. Thank you all how many will want to send signallings, suggestions or demands.

6. Thank you Andrea Conti for site's name.

7. Please inform me if you find something on this site that is wrong, violates copyright laws or should be removed for any other reason or add credits.