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Roger Waters


Veronica Waters

Biography Roger Waters

Roger Waters


Veronica Waters

Biografia Roger Waters

Roger Waters


Bass player, a melancholy, historical and political giant, a pessimist and the author of songs and lonley moments; his music is a trip towards his and our inner selves, an incredible man of intuition but extremely frightened of the person who created this condition.


In depth...

Writing Roger’s life is not an easy task, not so much for the numerous events along the road he took, but for the ‘inclusiveness’ concerning this personality of a thousand incidents.His private life in brief. The road of his mind is long and I will rush along it.....his ideas, his thoughts….little matters of the other details, perhaps slightly boring too. I’m sure that all of us are not interested in who Roger is, where he was born, where he went to school, etc... it is important to understand personally by analyzing a person who lives a rather ‘complicated’ life; It is interesting and important to know who he is and what we can understand about him and perhaps even close our eyes and think that life is really like he has always sung :“Run Like Hell”.Pardon my long introduction, but I believe it is dutiful to relay some objective facts.George Roger Waters was born in Great Bookham, Cambridge on 9 September 1943, His mother Mary and his father Eric Fletcher (1913-1944) were school teachers.

The tragic event of the death of his father in the battle of Anzio in Italy had a big effect on him. As a teenager, he discovered the passion of listening to the radio, especially “American Forces Network”, entire nights full of curiosity for him, a mixture of voices and sounds that will eventually lead little Roger towards the road of music and to his great power of thought.At the age of 14, Roger received a gift from the heavens: an acoustic guitar from his aunt who saw the soul of a dreamer in him; an artist and man of the world.Roger had no self-confidence, was full of submission and didn’t take his capabilities seriously....practically as Roger himself said in an interview: “a totally hopeless person”. University changed all of this.Cambridge High School was the door that opened his mind: architecture, friendship and music bands.Nick Mason and Richard Wright become his friends of adventure and after a short while, Syd Barrett came into the scene. The latter had an important and substantial role in Waters’ life.

After some attempts of forming musical bands, Roger, Syd, Richard and Nick created the great Pink Machine alias Pink Floyd…it was the starting point of the great rush towards music and the fulfillment of success.Shows, sounds, songs…oh, the things I could write about and explain…really a lot... Pink Floyd’s huge repertoire reveals amazement and craving, but fate discarded Syd because of his addiction to drugs and the gap was filled on the great Pink Floyd stage by David Gilmour, a great friend/ adversary of our Roger.He quit architecture only to spread his wings to music; at this point, fate embraces the Pink Floyd, a band that starts bringing us great lyrics, music and great thinking. I will mention only some great works: the albums “The Dark Side of The Moon” e “The Wall”.The Pink Floyd became people of thought throughout the world and they tried to convey their ideas and their fears through the lyrics and music, they were great discoverors of the unknown, of what belongs to man and of the frightening truth.At that point Roger got along not so well with those who talked to him closely, with those who judged him, he was obsessed by time that dragged on and didn’t advise you, by the coming of age, by love, by madness which is totally part of us all and man doesn’t believe it is part of him; the word “normal” did not exist in his mind.

After Syd’s forced departure from the band, Roger had an enormous influence on the band. Most of the songs are words coming form his fantasy, his memories of life, thoughts and opinions; Roger enhanced his game, he showed his cards so that he wouldn’t frighten himself, he observed his mistakes carefully, he feared them, he became an obsessed man, he asked himself questions and got the answers too; he believed in his world and its reasons. The flexibility of his ideas and beliefs is weakened with time; he turned into a straight-forward and hostile person and in 1975, Roger was strange and not outgoing; had his personality worn out after success?We don’t know, inside of us we have many aspects and many periods are so unique and fundamental for our mood; but facts are facts and Roger does not hide this dark side of himself. At the same time we see a person full of great musical creativity and to call him an artist is the least we can say. He is an enigmistic person to deal with; for him, the triangle is the symbol of life, as if it were a duty, a law of survival; therefore he believes and convinces himself that there is only one road to take as if no other roads existed; it is because of this that everything is created around his person; with less friendship and contacts, everything has to be headed by Roger and no-one can contrast him.His hand had the power of transforming the Pink Floyd with the The Wall; it is an actual wall, not only as an album title and theme, but also as a style in order to survive in the external world.It is a wall made of bricks that interrupts any form of contact and perhaps it is from this huge despair of his that his greatest musical work is born…finally he appeared in his last album with the Pink Floyd “The final cut” and shortly after, the great ‘divide’ between Roger and the other members of the band.

The Pink Floyd adventure ended completely in 1986, the year of the official split; he disappeared from the gossip pages and started his solo career which had been interrupted some time date he is still moving on. As a solo artist he is quite active, but his gossip-oriented fans are a bit disappointed; they can’t manage to “see” him (“I have become comfortably Numb”) and many of them affirm that he is not the artist they used to know; of course, in life there are many changes, but in reality, we know that there is a man with great capabilities and style before us…a man with a serious face, a great mysterious man embraced in his thoughts, but I think the power of an individual can be found in the union of a band and Roger’s decision to split from it when it was heading for the finish line back-fired on him…this important ‘game of cards’ was bitterly lost by him when he was holding a royal flush of hearts in his hands....a wrong turn, the fourth card lost and heading for a one-way journey into the dark side of the moon.For the time being, it is here that his story with the Pink Floyd ends and I’ll conclude briefly.

I met Roger twice and have three of his autographed photos, but he was so distant in those moments. Now I find myself writing a piece of his life and I feel the opposite effect; perhaps I created a ‘Roger Waters’ to my liking but I’m sure that there is some truth in my personal creation of him therefore he seems all mine.October 2005, I managed to make my dream come true...a dream I had since I was 6; I was so small, but I already had a crush on my life’s hero..a press conference and my meeting with Roger here.