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Why the name of Pink Floyd?
(translated Grace Hudececk)

Why the name of Pink Floyd?

Quei visionari dei Pink Floyd...persone di pensiero...
Perchè il nome PINK FLOYD?

Syd Barrett one of the original members of Pink Floyd christened them with their name after charismatic bluesmen Pink Anderson and Floyd Council.
In the 60's Syd took LSD on a regular basis which caused serious psychological problems and inevitably lead to his departure of the group in 1968.
Before the formation of the group Syd studied architecture with other bandmates; Roger Waters, Nick Mason and Richard Wright.
They formed the group in 1966 and their followers loved their psychedelic sound.
Due to Syd's large use of drugs it became more and more difficult for him to perform more than one song on stage and in 1968 he was replaced with David Gilmour who became a very important part of Pink Floyd.
There have been three incarnations of Pink Floyd: first Syd and his psychedelic madcap leadership, second Roger Waters and his domineering and sometimes cruel leadership to David Gilmour who is beautifully pleasant.
Three leaders, three teachers with three individual and diverse stories that made Pink Floyd!