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Italian site also with an English menu.

This is a simple, short and accurate web site. This site tells about Pink Floyd the group and their accomplishments.
The site looks into the history and each member of the group and how Pink Floyd developed with their own originality and uniqueness.

Menu on this site is very easy to navigate for our guests to access any information about Pink Floyd.
This web site gives an emotional and spirited view of Pink Floyd.
My objective is to let the public understand more about the group, their personality and the expression of their music.
I believe to make music you do not need to be a Rock Star and Pink Floyd has demonstrated that. They have achieved everything through their music.

Thanks to all for your cooperation by:

Veronica W., Roberto C., Diana, Roberto F, Leonardo, Lucifersam, Braindamage, Gerald, Alexander C., Seamus, Cymba70, Stefano, Heart of the Sun.

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Roger Waters and Veronica Waters


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